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a couple talking to a caregiver

  • We called Angels For Elders when we were searching for a caregiver to take care of my mother in 2010, and they sent us Efren. We actually went through several other caregivers before Efren, but when we found him, we practically begged him to be our Mom’s full time caregiver. When Efren arrived, he gave my mother (and us) peace of mind, because he and my mother got along very well. My mother wasn’t the easiest to care for, but my mother and Efren established a natural bond in no time and we knew my mother trusted Efren in a way that she listened and did what her caregiver wanted my mother to do. Efren was gentle yet firm and he knew just what needed to be done. We have not seen anybody like Efren. We thought he was the best caregiver we could find for my mother. – Nanci P.
  • Thank you, Angels For Elders, for sending Connie for my Mom. Connie was a big help for Mom since she began having memory issues. Connie wasn’t only my Mom’s caregiver, but also a friend. It was difficult to see Mom not recognize us, or remember our names but Connie helped us go thru an overwhelming experience. Connie was compassionate and the sweetest caregiver, but was also the source of strength for Mom and all of us in our family. Connie made sure that Mom would take her medications and ate well, which was not an easy task! Connie stayed with Mom all thru the hardest times, until my Mom passed away. – Pam W.
  • Pete was sent to us from Angels For Elders. From the get-go, we knew Pete genuinely cares for people he cares. He is a joy to be around. He loves to laugh but he is also serious about his care-giving duties. It was not easy to care for my Dad towards the end of his life, but Pete handled him with great respect and compassion. When my father passed, he was a great comfort to my mother and to our family. While my mother was in her sunset, Pete went out of his way to keep her comfortable. He took my Mom out for walks, to church, to her medical appointments, and everything else my Mom had asked him to do. When my Mom had to be at Hoag Hospital for several days, I offered to sleep in her room for the night and Pete told me that he could not be any place else except near her. Even the doctors and nurses at different medical offices noticed the difference between Pete and other caregivers, mainly his compassion and genuine care for my Mom. He is a gem! – Diane D.
  • Hi Graciella, I know this phase of Mom’s life is so overwhelming. It’s not easy to see her decline. I don’t know how you do it, but you do an incredible job and you make an unbelievable difference not only in our Mom’s life but you also give us comfort in knowing she is in great hands. We know it has become more and more challenging and we are very blessed to have you take care of her. You may not know it, but we see your steady hands, kind heart, genuine care and completely awareness. I am amazed and humbled, and I’m forever grateful for being a wonderful part of my Mom’s life. – Suzie L.
  • To the staff of Angels For Elders: I want to thank you for all your kindness and caring. I have only good words to say about your organization. I thought all of your caregivers did their very best, and even though some were not a good fit for my mom, I fully recognize that it is a very individual thing, and it is very tricky and difficult because of the nature of Alzheimer’s. My mom is making a good adjustment; far better than I had thought. She is especially enjoying the closeness of family–we have been visiting her daily and she is responding to the social stimulation of being in a group setting. I think our assessment of the timing of this change was correct. An earlier move I think would have been resisted by her, but she seems happy in her new home. – Beth A.
  • Efren–I think all of your efforts really showed in the care my mom received. Both my mom and your caregivers had only the highest regard for you. Thank you for all that you do, and did, for my mom, and for these phenomenal women who give their bodies, minds and spirits all the time to those who would be lost without their help. If you ever need a reference for your service, or for you personally, please do not hesitate to contact me. Please give my fondest regards to Sheila, Toni, Shirley, Patty, Jenny and all the other folks at your company who helped my mom and our family. I wish you all the best. With deep appreciation, Beth A.